All new VW Sharan

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I know VWs are mostly conservative, but this is REALLY conservative.

After 15 years, this is what they come up with.
It’s not even that better looking than the Routan we have in the US….
It does look like the Routan’s little brother.
And it does incorporate US style sliding doors, something still not common in Europe.
Where is the Microbus??!
This is what the new VW Minivan should have been.
I’ve been waiting for this since 2001 when they teased us with it.
They even announced production plans in 2002!. claiming annual production would reach 80000 by 2005.
Then.. We got a Chrysler clone named Routan instead….

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  1. They really need to offer the microbus. Imagine putting two surfboards on the roof and painting it some cool colors! They could make a fortune in accessories alone!

  2. As you said, is this all after 15 years? It's ridiculous. It's almost as if they were aiming to make the most boring design humanly possible, and they might have succeeded at that. I suppose they will sell this as "classic, sober design". My ass. This is lazy, uninspired, boooring design.

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