Chinese Buick GL8

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The current model, based on the old Pontiac Montana, is 10 years old this year.

So yes, I’d say it’s about time for a new one…
Just like most GM cars these days, the standard engine will be the 2.4 Liter. With a V6 as an option.
I just hope Buick doesn’t bring this one over here.
I am really glad they are giving us the Regal and a version of the Astra based Excelle compact, but that should be it for the Chinese Buicks in the US.
The “new and younger” Buick doesn’t need a minivan.
They are now trying to compete with brands like Lexus and Acura. None of these offer minivans.
What they need is the Regal wagon…

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  1. What? Lexus and Acura DO have minivans, they are called the Sienna Limited and Odessey EX-L. They charge enough for these, they might as well have the badges to go along with…..

  2. Boo!
    You are being stupid. You know exactly what branding/image dynamic Vince is writing about. Despite what Toyota and Honda charge for their loaded vans, both companies are smart enought to know that minivans are perceived differently in the US and Asia.

    Unlike China, US maket minivans are not considered prestige executive transport vehicles.
    No matter how luxurious, minivans are considered plain old family cars.

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