Diesel Mazda CX-7 for 2011?

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Mazda is seriously thinking about bringing the diesel version of the CX-7 to the US next year.

I guess sales of the Jetta Diesel must be doing fine for someone else to take a chance with a diesel over here.
The 2.2 engine produces 170hp. Which is similar to the regular engine, but with much more torque.
This would be a great option and make the CX-7 quite original on the market.
Both Nissan and Honda changed their minds about selling diesels over here.

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  1. These auto manufacturers must see fuel prices skyrocketing in their crystal balls. I too think that as the economy improves, fuel prices will go up since demand will go up as a result. Anyway, my point is is that this is the only way these diesels will sell in large quantities here in the USA. Just my 2 cents…

  2. I have the turbo CX-7 and I really like it. If the diesel version was available when I purchased mine I would have concerned it. If they can produce a diesel that will perform well and getter fuel economy than the other CUVs they could really corner the market.

  3. Why doesn't Mazda sell the CX9 with a diesel? That would give all the midsize crossovers a real run for their "mileage". I would buy one for sure.

  4. I have a 2007 CX7 Turbo – and love it…the only complaint I have is that the fuel economy should be better then it is…if this thing got 7-8 litres per 100kms – I'd get one in a heart beat…

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