European Chevrolet test drives coming up

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That’s right.

I will be in Europe for a few days, and will be test driving 2 new Chevrolets.

First the all new Spark with a 1.0 Liter engine.
The US might be getting a larger 1.2 Liter, but it will still be interesting to see how this little car compare to others. Mainly the Versa in the US.
I will also be driving a European version of the Cruze. My car will have a 1.7 Liter Diesel not offered in the US.
It’ll also be very interesting to finally drive the Cruze, even with a “no-for-the-US” engine.
You can send me any questions you might have about these cars.

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  1. It's so funny that you compare the Spark with the Versa. Isn't the Versa at least in size like a VW Golf or Ford Focus? Although it may be cheaper as a Golf it is at least a car of this category. The Spark is a supermini, even much smaller than the Aveo which is also smaller than the Versa. But maybe it's all about the price in America.

  2. Typical questions from me:
    1) What's the real world fuel economy for both (wish North America would embrace diesles more)

    2) Fit & Finish

    Also – when are we going to see the Camaro review?! Waiting anxiously!!

  3. Just finished my 2 weeks of driving Camaros.
    I will post reviews as soon as I can write them.
    Planning a little video as well.

  4. Wow. The wheels on the Spark look like they were pulled off of a small lawnmower. The Cruze is nice, but it's awfully conventional and bland. I haven't seen a color that works well with it.

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