The future is almost here.

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The Modec EV delivery truck is the child of the British firm Modec and Navistar.

The futuristic, and all electric, truck will be assembled in Indiana later this year.
A full charge lasts about 100 miles.
I am just wondering if this is enough for real Fed Ex deliveries. 100 miles a day?
At least, it does look modern. And we might actually see these around….

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  1. I don't know about FedEX, but it's about double what the average school bus drives per day in an urban/suburban setting. Seems it'd be a good conversion to that use (though I'm sure most school districts are too strapped and cheap to go there without federal grant $$$).

  2. It's about time that the future has arrived!

    At least one company decided it was the right moment to update the regular looking commercial use box truck.

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