Great Wall Hover M3

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This new Chinese compact will be offered in the 2 versions shown here. A higher crossover one, similar to the VW Cross Polo, as well as the regular lower model on top.

It does look pretty decent to m. At least as good as many other compacts around.
You could put a Japanese or Korean badge on it and most people couldn’t really tell.
I am, of course, just talking about the design.
Quality, safety and reliability could be quite another story…

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  1. The "new" crossover is virtually a ringer for the current Yaris five door–there is already a non-crossover version marketed in China that features a pronounced grill.

  2. agreed about the styling and agreed about all the other doubts. if anyone has ever bought anything at WalMart, they KNOW that looks can be deceiving. That crap just doesn't last at all. i would bet that in a standard euro or domestic crash test, this car would fold up like the proverbial accordion, flaking leaded paint all over the testing platform.

  3. They don't need good crash tests. The US is soon to be in dier financial straights. US Companies won't be able to line the politicans pockets like these up & coming Chinese can. Our government will "overlook" safety issues just like they did when Toyota was lining their pockets!

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