Jaguar’s 3 series fighter coming

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Jaguar is working on another “small” car to compete with the Mercedes C class and the BMW 3 series.

I just hope it looks like the 2004 R-D6 concept.
That design was way ahead of its time. 6 years later, it still looks more modern than almost anything today.
The small X Type sedan was considered a failure by many.
But they are still plenty of them around where I live. I drove a few and always liked them a lot.
Production did reach over 350 000 units during its 8 years of production. Which is really not bad.
I say they should try again…

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  1. Jaguar has great potential and can manufacture now in India for an additional edge. I owned an XJS R type and that car was great. best Nav/stereo by Alpine ever none better 5 years later. Used Jags are a bargain.

  2. I'd be surprised if it was this that they built. I wonder what production engineering would do to the design concept (think Porsche Boxster)

  3. I see an Eclipse with a back end that is more upright. I kind of like the looks (as long as it is 2 door and RWD) if it's a 4 door, please don't bring it here.

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