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Chinese company Haima is coming up with a “sporty” looking version of their Mazda2 clone.

They claim the car isn’t the Mazda2, that it is larger.
They do have links to Mazda and have built cars for them in the past.
So I guess they think it’s OK….

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  1. It's absolutely disgusting to me how blatantly these Chinese car companies rip off other reputable car company's designs. Even the emblems on this car are almost an exact clone of the Mazda emblem. Don't they have any originality or tact. I hope these Chinese car companies get their pants sued off and are never allowed to sell their cars in any other country.

  2. "Haima" or Hainan Mazda, was originally a joint venture between Mazda and a Chinese manufacturer on the Chinese Island of Hainan. I can't say for sure but I think that they still have somewhat of a connection with them.

    If not, then I guess this is just another unsurprising blatent case of copyright infringement.

  3. if a car company gets in bed with a Chinese firm, then they deserve to get screwed. watch out buick….

  4. Unfortunately most major car makers have tried to sue for copywrite but alas have lost.
    Its not illegal in China.
    Its the Chinese way to duplicate.
    Its not only automotive that have suffered, The Chinese copy everything. Next time you get a spam email for cheap rolex watches think of China. Even viagara is no exeption. But we still buy their products.

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