More crazy claims from Chinese BYD

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BYD showed the all electric E6 model in Detroit.

-They claim a range of about 300 miles. About 3 times the Nissan Leaf. The car would be about $40 000 in the US.
-Then they said they would be the world’s largest car manufacturer by 2025. (Who knows what the world will be like in 2025. Blade Runner takes place in 2019…)
-Now they are claiming to be in talks with California about actually building a car factory there.
That is the 1st time I hear this. And from a company that hasn’t sold a single car in the US.
Production of the E6 keeps being delayed anyway.
We’ll see…

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  1. Automotive vaporware. Also, I have serious doubts about a Chinese automaker in the US.

    Yeah, a huge number of consumer products, or their components, are manufactured there.

    But building a reputation for value and reliability will be very difficult with American consumers.

    A while ago, I had generic, made-in-China antibiotics. One pill had an eyelash in it (no kidding).

    Think about the lead toys and Chinese QC reputation overall.

    Not gonna happen. They may be the biggest in China by 2025 though, ya never know.

  2. Don't underestimate BYD. They are the world's #1 producer of batteries in all ipods, all cell phones, all laptops, and other high-tech batteries. They sell a lot of cars in S. Asia & India. They're growing at a speed many times greater than any American Company; and greater than any other car company worldwide. The head CEO works 6-7 days a week and AVERAGES 80 hours a week. And a lot of upper management follows his example. And they pay employees (including the CEO) about 1% of what Americans are used to. They're phenominally competitive. No I'm not a fan of their cars, and I don't own stock in them. But only and uninformed idiot would write these guys off.

  3. Can the Chinese call some Americna graphic designers to hook up their logos? From JAC to BYD, they're all BAD, and I don't mean GOOD.

  4. "Don't underestimate BYD. They are the world's #1 producer of batteries in all ipods…"

    A $300 product that has at least a 10% failure rate after a year because of the battery is not good. The quality of disposable electronics is not acceptable in a vehicle. I don't think anyone is underestimating BYD. Their poor reputation is well earned.

  5. Chinese car companies will never live up to American, Japanese and even Korean car makers! All they do is rip off designs and build cheap versions. Exactly what they do with most products, e.g. bags, iphones, perfume……………………. too many!!!

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