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This is actually hard to believe we will be able to get this in the US next year.

And from a US carmaker.
One of the best designs in years, from anyone. And at a price most people can afford.
This will make life very hard for GM and the Cruze. And many others.
Including Ford’s own Fusion, until that gets redesigned…

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  1. If this can get here so quickly, then what the hell is taking the Cruze so long? GM really doesn't deserve to succeed.

  2. I really like this small car. I'm a college student, and my budget is a little tight, but if they can price this at 16k, I definitely know what I'm trading in my 06 Cobalt for! (btw the Cobalt is still a great little car lol).

    My dream would be to own the C-max, but I feel that won't start any lower then 21,000.

  3. "Anonymous said…
    If this can get here so quickly, then what the hell is taking the Cruze so long? GM really doesn't deserve to succeed.

    March 3, 2010 8:31 PM"

    No, they don't.

    This will without a doubt be my next car. It must be a ST though.

  4. ford is coming on strong, just like Nissan and Mazda are as well. hey did y'all hear that some people that had toyotas fix , still accelerated out of control, oh oh!

  5. The Cruz was released in Korea November 2008. By the time it arrives here it will be two years old. For this little car to take so long shows that GM is in worse shape financially than they let on.

  6. I am still not loving those tail lights, but everything else on and in this car is great. Love the yellow piping on the seat and stitching on the steering wheel. It's all in the details.

  7. tail lights look better now that i can see the shape (was harder on the magenta model)

    nice classy looking hatch. will be on our shopping list to replace the kia in a few years, for sure.

  8. I just want let everybody here know that I recently got my newest issue of Motor Trend this week and on pages 14-15 is a photo (possibly an illustration) of what could be the next Focus RS.
    Motor Trend says that it will have a 2.0-liter EcoBoost Engine that will develop at least 250 hp which is less powerful when compared to the current Focus RS (which has 305-hp).

    Check it out on the April issue of MT.

  9. Anonymous-March4 2:42PM said…
    i love everything but the nose, i wish it was more fiesta. its an awesome whole package though…
    there's supposed to be a Mercury version;
    so that'll at least have a different nose

    Anonymous-March3 8:49PM said…
    Any chance of a 3-door? …
    I'm starting to think the still-unshown 3-door may have different sheetmetal – maybe shared with a Focus Cabrio replacement 😀

  10. Vince, you really need to post something about the new Chevrolet Aveo that was presented in Geneva in semi-concept form. I pray that they change it as little as possible for the definitive production version. It may just become the best-looking car in its segment.

  11. There are a few frontal styling details that look out of whack, but overall this is a lovely and well-proportioned vehicle. I suspect that the new Focus models will sway and capture a few (would-be) Fusion/Milan buyers.

  12. "Anonymous said…
    Actually for me is hard to share all the enthusism about this car: Vince, can you please post next to it a pic of the latest Subaru Impreza? I can faciliytate your job by giving you the link:

    Then if you adapt the Subaru's design, and put in the front a melted version of the latest Mitsubishi's fronts you will get the "innovative Focus 2012"

    March 4, 2010 6:39 PM"

    Don't see it at all. Not one bit.

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