New BMW 5 Series Touring

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I have to say, this is one of the best looking wagons I have ever seen.

BMW got it 100% right.
Much better than the heavy and clunky looking hatchback version.
Subtle yet very modern.
Of course, they never say at first that we’ll get their wagons in the US. But it seems that they always end up selling them over here anyway…

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  1. Terrific rear 3/4 view. Almost as nice junk in the trunk as the CTS wagons. What's the estimated price range?

  2. Just cancel the 5GT while they are ahead. I saw one in person for the first time and wanted to throw up. Just make the 5GT into a nice big 7Series Wagon like it's supposed to be.

  3. Saw a new bmw 7 series yesterday and i have to say, even though it's an evolutionary design from last generation its really stunning in person. I hope the 5 series will be just as stunning

  4. As you said, the hatchback (or, as they pompously named it, "Gran Turismo" :-P) is such a botch compared to this. I hope they sell ver few GTs so they learn a lesson.

  5. You know if BMW turned their tailights reside up, it' would resemble Audi. Like how the Acura MDX talights and Honda Civic's. Same with the Chevy Mailubu.

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