New front for the old Santa Fe clone

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The Chinese Eagle from JAC is a copy of the previous generation Hyundai Santa Fe.

Later this year, it will be getting some revisions, including this new front end.
So it’ll look a bit less like the Hyundai, I guess.
I must say, nothing says “communist country car” like a giant chrome grille with a huge star on it…

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  1. Uh… yeah it is. But in a practical sense, it's a capitalist country so it's somewhat of a conflicted country. When they absorbed Hong Kong, they had a choice. Make more money and allow Hong Kong to continue functioning and let its capitalistic tendencies affect the rest of the country or shut everything down! In the end, money won out.

    China is still a communist country in title.

  2. When it comes to cars, I really couldn't care less if China is a commie country. This SUV looks like it belongs on a low-budget movie set. JAC sucks.

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