Nissan Leaf to cost just $20 280, in California

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It does sound pretty amazing.

But we have here an additional $5000 rebate.
A pretty amazing deal if you ask me, for any well equipped car with navigation.
But don’t ask me how the US tax system works. If you’re getting the credit right away or not.
Call your tax guy…
Here are the words from the Los Angeles Times:
There’s a federal tax credit of $7,500 for electric vehicles. And Californians are eligible for an additional $5,000 rebate through the state Air Resources Board.

That will lower the base price for the standard Leaf, in California, to $20,280.

Those who choose to lease rather than buy the Leaf will also benefit from government incentives.

According to Nissan, the monthly lease on the car will be $349, but in California an Air Resources Board rebate will reduce it to less than $200.”

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  1. Here's how the US& California tax systems work: THEY DON'T. The same fuzzy logic used to run AIG & ENRON is used by the government to help small businesses send $12,5000/ car to Japan; so they don't waste money HIRING new employees and reducing unemployment here in the US. Want to help the environment AND the planet? BUY A 41MPG FUSION. OR a 33MPG Malibu. Or 29 MPG Jeep (patriot). And create a few US jobs in the process.

  2. this small response post makes me smile ear to ear. It proves my theory that 3 out of 4 people are ignorant assholes. Why you say? because here sits the best car for the planet by a great company and hardly anyone is commenting. If people were smart, this would be front page news everywhere.

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