No Mini Cayenne from Porsche.

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Porsche abandoned the idea of a “smaller than Cayenne” SUV.

They see what is happening with Audi, where the smaller Q5 is stealing sales from the Q7.
All they are doing is protecting the Cayenne from an attractive little brother.
The Cayenne is responsible for 50% of all Porsche profits.
And they just cannot afford to mess with it.
Actually a smart move.
I still see the current Cayenne as an abomination. Although the new one seems to look more sophisticated.
Numbers speak louder than brand history, and 50% is 50%…

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  1. I wonder how much % of sales the Panamera will end up being. Hopefully it will be high. I guess in a way the Panamera is a "bigger brother" to the Cayenne.

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