Porsche Panamera convertible

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The rumor started a while ago. But it was mostly about a convertible version of a 2 door Panamera.

This patent picture shows a 4 door car.
Which is pretty incredible and weird. The structure of the car would have to be so strong.
There seem to be some kind of a brace right behind the front seats, but I just wonder if would be enough.
Chrysler did show a 300 convertible concept a few years back, the Helios 300 by ASC. And it was a 4 door. I remember it also had something right behind the front seat as well that, they claimed, allowed for a 4 door convertible.
If it ever happens, a 4 door convertible Panamera will sure turn many heads….

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  1. Is this the Lincoln Continental of the 21st century? I haven't seen one Panemera on the road yet, maybe Porsche should wait until they sell a few before investing any money in the convertible.

  2. A friend actually bought one. The interior is amazing. The exterior is, well, not amazing. Lopping the roof off can only help.

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