Sub 1 series BMW coming.

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And they have officially said it will be front wheel drive.

It will be priced above the Mini, and under the cheapest version of the 1 series.
I am not sure what the purpose of this would be. The current mini already can be priced pretty high. Almost as high as a 1 series.
Would this compete with the Audi A1? Which itself was created to compete with the Mini?
Bizarro world….

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  1. Well let's see here, Vince:

    Audi will have the A1, Mercedes has the A Class, Mini is a separate brand and not branded as a BMW. It makes perfect sense why they would have a sub 1 Series.

    Also, what do you mean by the Mini can come close to the base 1 Series? It can go well over once you start adding options.

  2. the people that can afford this DO NOT WANT a cheap looking car. The Mini is "whimsical/Retro". This looks like a VW GTI with a new front end clip.

  3. The only way this might make sense is if, since the Mini is clearly a chick car, they target the BMW version to a more masculine audience, competing with more aggresive, sporty cars like the Alfa Mito.

  4. this thing looks nasty. the 1-series was supposed to be the affordable BMW and this new mistake isn't going to fix previous ones.

  5. Looks like a GTI with a with a big oversized BMW schnozz grafted onto the front. I actually don't hate it.

  6. A sub-1 series BMW? What will they call it? Perhaps 0 series. And if they ever want to compete at JDM against Daihatsu'sr Suzuki's kei cars perhaps BMW might need a sub-sub 1-series: the -1-series. 🙂

  7. This may be whats best for us and what we deserve by Washington's degree. A Mini with BMW clothing?

  8. This the height of ghetto near-luxury. I can't wait for this to be parked in front a strip mall that features a nail shop, pawn shop and massage parlor.

  9. Why?

    As for the naming scheme, they can actually be original for once….as long as they DON'T use Isetta!

  10. This car makes perfect sense! Maybe not in the US, but here in Europe where small cars reign supreme this car will sell well. The comment here about the 1-series not being an affordable BMW, may be the case in the US, where you don't get the smaller engines. In Europe though, it is an affordable BMW, a 116d isn't that much more than a Golf TDI or a Focus Diesel.

    This car could compete with the new Citroeen DS, Peugeot 207, Renault Clio etc. Yes it would be more expensive.

    The biggest marked here in Europe are cars in the sizerange Renault Clio (Toyota Yaris) to Golf size, this is marked is equivelant to to the USA Sonata, Camry, Accord etc.

  11. I could see it be called BMW Love (Tennis speak for zero) There advertising campaign would be like Joy is Love

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