Tata Aria heading for Europe. US next?

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On top of the tiny Nano, Tata will try to sell the larger Aria minivan in Europe.

Where it would be available with a 2.2 Liter diesel with about 140hp.
AWD would be an option.
Tata is seriously considering selling the Nano in the US as well.
Which means they might also need another model to fill up their new showrooms. The Aria would be a logical choice.
I hear the 7 passenger could start at around $15 000.
Would anyone here buy an Indian made car from a brand unknown in the US?

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  1. Well, the exterior is bland and aready somewhat outdated, but the interior is original and far better looking than I had imagined

  2. I think even kids can design a better car; what is so hard about it? See how Hyundai copied other car makers and have now improved so much.

  3. Competes with Ford Edge & Dodge Journey — but not very well. Looks too much like the first gen Honda Oddessy which quickly died an unnoticed death (in the US) about 10 years ago; and was replaced by the bigger "Caravan Clone" Oddessy.

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