VW Saveiro

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This little VW pick up for the Brazilian market reminds me of the pick up version of the Rabbit they used to offer in the US years ago.

And I think it is still a good idea.
This time it is a pick up version of the Brazilian Gol. Powered by a 1.6 Liter engine.

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  1. im from brazil. I live near Sao Paulo e Saveiro is our best small pick-up. I mean, Fiat Strada is our best one, but it is very old. The project has more than 12 years and 3 face-lifts.

    As Saveiro is as good than Strada, but all-new, I prefer VW model

    I love this site and I would like if you put more posts from brazil Cars, cause I want to know what do you think.

    And I wanna ask you. How can you live without french cars like citroen, peugeot and renault? would you like having this cars in USA?

    Sorry for my English mistakes!

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