1st pre-production car for the Opel Ampera

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A.K.A “The Volt with an Opel front end”.

Just like the Volt, the Ampera has entered the pre-production phase.
Both cars are built in the US in the same factory.
Just thought it’d be interesting to see a more “sinister” version of the over familiar Volt…

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  1. Oh sweet jebus! I would choose Ampera over Volt cuz its give a look like as Star Wars Clone Trooper or Stormtroopers

  2. looks like a Civic Coupe front end on an old Camry body…the low front end looks like a parking disaster waiting to happen.

  3. What about the production version?
    All these mumbo jumbo hyped up pre production pictures. Whens the release date? 10 years time?
    I think ill buy a Toyota. At least i wont regret it.

  4. to the last anonymous: you REALLY think you won't regret buying a Toyota? good luck with that.

    I like the Volt/Ampera EXCEPT for the tacky black painted beltline trim under the windows. WTF? They should have either made it glass if they wanted that look, or left it body color, for a gansta-chopped roof look.

  5. Wait until the reliability problems set in with this. They still havent allowed enough time for long term testing or anything for a new drive system. You'll see quite a few of these on the back of a salvage truck back to the Chev dealership. FAIL.

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