2011 Audi A7

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This is still just an illustration, but it looks really close to the real thing.

The A7 will basically be a hatchback version of the all new, redesigned, A6.
But, just like the BMW 5 Series GT, it will come out before the “regular” A6 sedan. And it will cost more.
Still, it looks a million times better than the BMW 5 GT. The GT couldn’t even dream about looking that good.
And, unlike the A5 Avant hatch, the A7 will be sold in the US.
This could be one of the best looking Audis ever.

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  1. gorgeous piece of kit, very nissan…ish in rear 3/4. a cross between a boulevard car and a bling car.

  2. A gorgeous car. If only I could afford it. I love it. The rear 3/4 view above the wheel where the hatch meets is especially nice.

  3. Personally, I'm getting tired of the same front end on each and every Audi out there (Excluding the R8 of course). Why is it that when the Germans make different sizes of basically the same design no one cares, but if the Japanese do it everyone is all over it?

    I don't mind family resembelence, but come on, differenciate the models with unique styling.

  4. iQuack,

    If you're going to compare a coupe with a sedan, at least you might pick a decent vehicle. A 1965 DB5 perhaps, and not a roachy looking trash car from Chrysler. Neither of which bears any resemblance to the Audi. The current A4 and A6 sedans are a bit too formal and conventional. The BMW GT and Panamera look like they have Down Syndrome. But the Audi A7 and the Aston Martin Rapide are drop dead sexy.

  5. Looks pretty good but I will never purchase a Volkswagen or Audi again. Reliability is just not there.

  6. Is this yet another grotesque fastback with horrible visibility? Who needs these things?

    They're really station wagons with rooflines that limit carrying capacity and obscure the view to the rear.

    Since when has and ugly thing like the AMC Marlin become the inspiration for new BMWs, Acuras, and Audis?

    Go to the website below:

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