2011 Audi TT

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Such small changes, it is hardly worth it.

At least they didn’t ruin it.
-More torque for the 2.0 Liter turbo
-LED daytime running lights
-Slightly revised front and rear
-New colors
-New interior color combinations

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  1. i know the TT is a desirable car, i certainly wouldn't kick it out of the garage, lol, but I still prefer the first generation as far as styling goes. The second gen just doesn't make me turn my head when one goes by, the first gen still does for some reason.

  2. How is this car overpriced?? Seems pretty reasonable if you ask me considering the advanced aluminum construction, gorgeous design, and second-to-none interior…

  3. Since when is a car with AWD and do 0-60 in 5.4sec is underpowered? Some people only looked at horsepower and not the weight.

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