2011 Hyundai Elantra

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In a surprise move, Hyundai has just revealed the all new Avante model in Korea. Just a ffew days after the all new Accent…

Which will become the new Elantra overseas.
And again, a really good looking a modern sedan from Hyundai.
Amazing to see the difference with the 2011 Corolla I posted yesterday.
More on the new Elantra very soon.

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  1. wow… very unique styling.. love the flowing lines.. Hyundai has arrived.

    i wonder if it will get the 1.6 GDI or 2.0 GDI or turbo.

  2. This is a HUGE turnaround for Hyundai, this car just like the Sonata will be a great competitor in the compact market. The styling is reminiscent of the Mazda 3 but far better than the Honda Civic, Chevy Cruze or upcoming Ford Focus. Hyundai is really taking advantage of great design and better quality lately and I see them on a path to make other Asian competitors obsolete if they don’t get their ish together soon…Toyota and Honda that means you!

  3. It is amazing the way Hyundai is making their models, it makes the rest look bad. Check out the pic of this Hyundai Elentra and then scroll down and see the 2011 Toyo Corolla.
    WOW, what a beuty and what a beast from Toyo.

    I was driving yesterday and I seen a Hyundai Sonata, from the back it reminds me of a BMW and from the side a mix of a BMW/Mercedez.

    I Love Acuras but for the money I may give it a shot to Hyundai.

    IMO, Toyo may be done. Boring styles arrogant salesmen.
    Honda is way boring nowdays to with their models..

    Nobady seems to see that there is people like me who love to drive and want a Kick Ass radio and nice interior standard?
    Hyundai seems to be listening, way to go…..

  4. My mouth dropped when I saw this car…its really spectacular. Just waiting on interior photos. This is definitely on my short list of cars I am considering

  5. Best-looking car in its segment virtually overnight.

    Just compare it to the new 2011 Corolla and you'll instantly see my point.

  6. Really nice. The smooth hood and simpler grill look better than the shrunken Sonata look on the Accent.

  7. Will be interesting to see MPG on this car.. since the Sonata is getting 35/hwy… styling wow.. if gets 40 or so on the hwy.. I want one! I wonder if if they are coming out with a hatch variant this time? I had a 02 GT Elantra hatch a while ago.. loved it.. the wagon is nice.. but I want more unique style like the GT hatch. I would highly consider this car either way.

  8. The only thing really bothering me about the designs from Hyundai lately is that they all look alike. It's like having 1 car in 3-4 different sizes. I'd rather them use the same design language and make different cars that look related to the Hyundai family. Otherwise it will make the new designs age faster and not look as fresh.

  9. Fantastic. This is modern, stylish, and attractive. It is everything the dumpy "new" 2011 Toyota Corolla isn't.

  10. Also I might add… I liked how they applied that hexagonal shaped grill to this car; I dont like how it looks on other hyundai's, but it looks amazing on this one!

  11. Great job Hyundai! I especially like the front…and the sides….and the back looks pretty good too. I'm looking forward to seeing the interior.

  12. I'm so stoked to see that Hyundai-Kia group have the balls to introduce some unique (by today's standards) designs along with cutting-edge tech and kit. They're certainly giving those gloppy Toyota and Datsuns a run for their money!!

  13. I PRAY that they have a true performance model for this new Elantra. 240+HP should do the trick and would certainly replace my current MS3.


    "Cole said…

    My mouth dropped when I saw this car…its really spectacular. Just waiting on interior photos. This is definitely on my short list of cars I am considering

    April 29, 2010 8:22 AM"

    I did the exact same thing.

  14. WOW… that is one of the greatest design I have ever seen coming out from Hyundai so far… Tuscon, Sonata, now Elantra and Accent all sharing same designs… way to go, Hyundai! You rock!!

  15. The proportions are great on this car. Hyundai did a better job with this and Accent than they did with the Sonata. This car will be a major headache for all the competitors!

  16. Now that is a nice looking car. It seems like the other co's make their luxury brands look more appealing and their regular brands a little frumpy. Since Hyundai doesn't have a luxury brand it appears they're designing some pretty sweet looking rides! I don't know about the engines and quality, but that looks awesome!

  17. Looks great–HUGE improvement over the dowdy current Elantra.

    Looks like visibility to the rear is lousy, but that's true of almost all sedans these days.

    Competition in compacts just became more intense with this car. Good for Hyundai!

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