2011 Kia Sportage US

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Here are the official pictures of the US version of the all new Sportage.

I still think it looks fantastic. Not only compared to the previous model, but compared to anything else out there in its class.
Two models will be offered, LX and EX, and they will be both powered by the 2.4 Liter with 176hp
(The same smooth engine I am driving this week in the Forte SX)
6 speed manual or automatic are available on all versions.
The LX includes 16 inch wheels, cloth seats, power doors and locks, USB audio and Bluetooth.
The EX adds 18 inch wheels, more chrome, power seat, leather steering wheel and shift knob and a cooled glove compartment.
Options for the LX include 17 inch wheels and GPS.
While on the EX, you can order leather seats, rear sensors and a glass roof.
A 2.0L turbo engine (similar to the newly released Sonata Turbo) will become an option sometime after launch.
This all sounds really good…

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  1. i think the proportions odd.
    also, the design sort of looks "unfinished". a lot of details looks weird.

  2. i totally 100% agree with you about the Sportage. As much as I love cars, this is the first car in a LONG TIME that makes me pissed I can't afford to buy any new car. I would drive this Sportage in a New York minute. It's chic, it's well-engineered, it's efficient, it's HOT looking, and I would just LOVE to support Peter Schreyer and Kia for having the balls to do this car in that segment. This car is chic beyond belief.

  3. Nice. I love every new Kia starting with the Soul! This redesigned Sportage is so cute and way more stylish than anything in it's class. It's also much better looking than it's cousin, the Hyundai Tucson.

  4. This looks fantastic and I usually hate all SUVs. Very modern, athletic, and clean design. Good job, Kia

  5. Subaru Tribeca like in the high back end. Tiny back glass, large rear 3/4 metal pillar. It better have backup cameras. but that won't help your blindspot for lane changes. oh oh!

  6. "Anonymous said…
    Doesn't look bad. I'd rather have a real Q5 instead of this Korean knockoff.

    April 1, 2010 8:12 AM"

    What a pointless comment.

    The Q5 is about $20,000 more once you equip it like a top spec Sportage. For that you could buy two Sportages.

    Please don't even bother…

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