2011 Mini Cooper coupe

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As you can see from this patent drawing, the production version of the upcoming Mini Coupe (as well as the 2 seater roadster) will stay very close to the concept we saw last year.

Not sure exactly why they would offer a 2 seater coupe, still…
And I guess the roadster would compete with the Miata.
Why not…

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  1. Who is gonna be able to get into and outta that thing easily ? midgets ? my fat american ass is bigger than that door, hell i just got rid of a small car cause my head kept hitting the roof everytime i got into it !

  2. i love it. i never carry passengers, so I don't need a back seat. I rarely carry anyone else either. I don't have a fat ass, i'm 5'10 160lbs, like a normal person, and a car like this would be perfect for me. I think it's much more desirable than the 'regular' Mini.

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