2011 Scion iQ

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Pretty much the same car that has been on sale in Europe as the Toyota iQ.

Except here we will only get the “larger” 1.2 Liter engine with a CVT only.
It does try to be better than the Smart by offering 4 seats. Although you’ll have to chose between people and trunk space.
I saw it in Europe last year and it looks much more substantial than the Smart. And much wider, more planted to the road.
We’ll see if it works here…

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  1. Im interested in this car, but would prefer a manual transmission vs a CVT. They will also have to keep the price lower than the Yaris.

  2. looks like they took the push button start away also…the rear headrests should have been integrated to the seats so they won't block the rearview when not being used…mpg better be in the high 40's for this to sell here…otherwise, there are better small car choices out there…especially when the Fiesta debuts.

  3. I wouldn't be caught dead in the back seat of that car, because if you were ever rear-ended, you would be DEAD!! Rear airbag or not! Either thats or severe back inguries! What is that, 4 inches from the hatchback?! NO thanks!!
    Besides, it's ugly!

  4. wow, very impressive cargo capacity and safety. Back seat is essentially the back bumper. Imagine if you will, a rear end collision with any car, but especially a Cadillac Escalade or Toyota Sequioia. You can only fit in a pair of chopsticks in the cargo area. WTF is toyota doing. hopefully they will sink soon with all the safety related law suits, hopefully.

  5. I doubt the IQ will be reasonabely cheaper than a Yaris. IQ is positioned as a lifestyle product as the Mini or Fiat 500 but well equiped.

    In Germany the base Yaris (1.0 VVT-i engine, 5 gear MT, 7 airbags, CD radio but no DSC or aircondition) costs 11,675 EUR, a Yaris 1.33 Life 3 door (automatic engine stop, 6 gear MT, DSC, aircon with automatic control, power windows, fog lights) is 15.230 EUR. Alloy wheels are optional.

    The cheapest IQ (1.0 5MT, 9 airbags, DSC, alloy wheels, manual aircon, power windows…) is 12.900 EUR. The IQ+ 1.33 (fog lights, automatic climate control, rain sensing wipers…) is 15.600 EUR (all prices including 19 % tax).

    So the base price is higher than at Yaris but at the same equipment are close to the Yaris.

    If it has to be really cheap there are models as the European Aygo or the Japanese Passo (aka Daihatsu Boon and Sirion or Subaru Justy).

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