2011 Toyota Corolla

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These pictures are of the newly released 2010 European model.

We should be getting these changes for the 2011 model year in the US.
It looks like Toyota has accomplished quite a feast in making the Corolla even more boring than before.
I guess they have now cornered the market for the invisible sedan segment.
Their reputation not being what it used to be, I really don’t see the point of this.
Anything else looks better and more attractive.
We’ll see what they come up with for the next generation in a couple of years…

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  1. Vince, I disagree re styling. I think the Corolla is a nice, conservative design, and the perfect size for a budget sedan. The car's mechanicals (suspension, transmission) are what is lacking. I also don't like the gooseneck hinges in the trunk.

  2. their recipe of success is pretty much boring + invisible. it's not like camry and corolla used to be bold and handsome and then they changed it. in fact the current generation camry, which they tried to improve the boring look of, ended up becoming the self-accelerating death trap, so don't expect them to come up with something striking for their next generation of vehicles, but at the same time, don't expect toyota will fail die off anytime soon due to their boringness

  3. i'm not sure how old you are, VInce, I'm almost 53. I remember the Corollas of the late '70s and early '80s, the rwd ones. They were actually cool! There was a great little 2 door sportwagen, hatchback coupes, sedans, regular wagons. They were good looking, they were well-equipped, they were built well, they lasted. Even the first fwd Corollas from about '84 were very good looking, very light looking, clean lines, a quality look for a small car. I just can't understand how Toyota has totally lost the program.

    Someday I'd love to have a restored late '70s rwd Corolla SR5 sportwagen. They looked a lot like the Volvo ES sportwagens minus the all glass hatch.

    ON the other hand, the new Corollas are PERFECT for everyone in the Witness Protection Program, or for PIs tailing someone, lol. You're right about them being totally invisible.

  4. Toyota is going to have a real problem with their compact and subcompact line. They now have the worst looking cars. Ford, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Honda, (insert anyone else here) all have better looking cars.

    And now the perception of Toyota Quality is starting to change for the worse.

  5. Not sure where the Corolla is still sold in Europe but it's not sold in western Europe since they have the verso and auris instead.

    Regarding design, yeah no suprises:-(.

  6. What a dumpy grandma car! I realize that the reputation of the Corolla has been very good. But in my experience, they are very unrefined and cheap feeling.

  7. People with sleep insomina, if you can't sleep, look at the 2011 Corolla for about 30 seconds and I wouldn't be surpised if you finally hit the hey stack.

  8. Body color around door frames on low level models looks really cheap. Toyota needs to spend a couple more bucks per car to black these out.

  9. Too bad on this refresh for this car.. I have an 04 Corolla.. been a good car to me. I was hoping for a bit more dramatic refresh.. Hopefully something better on the next full redesign.

  10. Since Toyota is set on regulating themselves to the "copy and paste previous model" mentality, I might as well do the same –

    "Toyota maybe playing it too safe. Their name was tarnished a little by the brake issue so they can't rely on name recognition as much like before. But I think they are hoping that they can. If this and recent pass offerings are indications of their mindset; Toyota has become a very stagnant company. Even more so then before."
    – Anonymous
    April 27, 2010 6:59 AM

  11. Wow, the 8th Generation Civic is still a better looking vehicle and it is older.

    Toyota has lost their mojo and will certainly have the train run on them as soon as the new Civic, Elantra, and Focus come out.

  12. No train of Make Believe would make this car more exciting.

    Who backed up their 1st gen Mazda 6 into this btw?

  13. "Toyota maybe playing it too safe. Their name was tarnished a little by the brake issue

    Ya Think ????

    Luckily, "car people" were never into Toyota in the first place (for infinitely obvious reasons) and enough folks who buy cars like they buy appliances–will probably stick with those bad buying habits. (Regardles of poor styling, bad ergonamics, questionalbe quality, corporate greed, or cost-cutting that resulted in customers getting killed.) Is this a good car? No. Does it matter — to ANYONE? No. And the status quo is maintained. Indefinitely. I've always bought options on toyota stock and will continue to do so. But these days I bet on the stock going DOWN in the future–regardless of the economy. As for the cars themselves; Toyota/Lexus hasn't lost me because I never did think their cars were a very good investment.

  14. As a 2007 Corolla owner, I won't try to defend the looks of this 2011 car. I think the previous generation was better looking, though not exciting by any means. Corollas never leave you stranded, which to many buyers justifies their price tag. The recall snafu did not diminish its sales numbers at all (I'm sure massive incentives helped).

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