2011 Toyota RAV4

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These are more pictures of the recently released European version of the RAV4.

Which should be what we’ll see over here for the 2011 model year.
After 5 years in production, the current model only gets a new front end.
(Which has been available in Japan for about a year)
I really don’t think this will be enough against brand new competition from models like the new Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson.
After 5 years, it’s time for something really new.

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  1. Toyota maybe playing it too safe. Their name was tarnished a little by the brake issue so they can't rely on name recognition as much like before. But I think they are hoping that they can. If this and recent pass offerings are indications of their mindset; Toyota has become a very stagnant company. Even more so then before.

  2. Well, at least it doesn't look stupid like most of Toyota's newest cars do. Good update to the front. I really dislike the rear, although to change that would be messing with the unibody and not just some plastic bits.

  3. I have been a toyota fan for many years, but I'm losing it now. I had high hopes for the Rav4 – new design, get rid of that stupid backward opening door and put in a proper liftgate, and make it a hybrid. Instead they make this dowdy old piece of junk. Goodbye Toyota.

  4. It needs a FMC. A MMC isn't going to cut it for a model that is so old.

    The 4th gen CR-V will be out in late 2011 and it will certainly be better than the RAV4 again.

  5. Vice it's nice to see even you are noticing the Koreans are getting good. In your commet you could have said the CR-V and Equinox. Or you could have said the Outlander and CX-7. But you choosed the next Sportage and Tucson. How about that vince?

  6. I like it, it is a nice update.
    Maybe the US wont get this update because the new model is due 2011/2012.

  7. Yeah, nice enough update, but long life for a Japanese design. Either Toyota a re being careful with their money and not wasting a still modern design, or the RAV's day are numbered.


    Oh no, don't tell me they put it inside! What will I ever use as my back bumper?

  9. Toyota = Old GM through and through

    Maybe this is just part of the normal "Circle of Life" for auto manufacturers? The same mistakes happen over and over with different companies. I guess it's true that we don't learn from history.

  10. I drive my wife's '05 Rav4 a couple of times a week. Here are my thoughts: (1) The spare on the rear deck has served as a king of useful secondary bumper given the tight parking and crazy drivers in Queens.
    (2) The rear door is a terrible idea – you need a good 5-6 feet of rear clearance to open the door and load/unload properly. In a garage or in tight street parking you often don't have nearly that much rear clearance.
    (3) The car is very noisy and rides rough on all but the smoothest pavement.
    (4) The car is poorly designed but well built – everything feels solid, even though things like the rear door and the way the rear seats fold don't seem to make sense.
    (5) Having the tachometer front and center on the instrument panel is useless and annoying – I have to look to the far left to check my speed, and the fuel guage is off to the top right, not in the driver's line of sight.
    (6) The 4-speed auto ensures mediocre mileage but is actually quite smooth and pleasant in day-to-day driving.

  11. It could not have looked worse than the current freakish infantile styling.

    Will they finally get rid of the external spare tire?

  12. Na the Rav 4's days are not numbered. They are seen every .05 of a second on the road.

    …even more often on used car lots & in scrapyards.

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