2012 Cadillac ATS

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I think these look great.

And the sedan on top matches the prototype spy shot I posted a while ago. So it might actually look pretty close to the real thing.
The all new ATS will replace the Saab based BLS in Europe. And will be the 1st “smaller than CTS” Cadillac model in the US.
It will be offered as a sedan, coupe and convertible.

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  1. To be seen as a true competitor to BMW / MB / Audi, Cadillac needs to look a little less bling. The CTS is just so "LOOK AT ME!" – let's hope with this one they can think a little less Detroit and a little more Europe – a general approach that might have saved GM's ass for many years now…

  2. ats convertible? sounds interesting.

    but… arent rich americans too fat for this kind of smallish car?

  3. This is veteran illustrator Mark Stehrenberger's unmistakable drawing style. The Tron lightcycles were made by design legend Syd Mead

  4. I like it. I'd get one in a heartbeat. I think this one is a bit more akin to a 3 series in size versus the 1 series someone mentioned.

    Bring it on folks – it will really help the portfolio!!

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