2012 Chevrolet Cruze Coupe

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Not sure if this is the real thing or not. But it does seem pretty good.

I am pretty sure GM is working on other versions of the Cruze.
Like a coupe or hatchback.
The Kia Forte is already available as a sedan and a coupe. And a hatchback is coming soon.
The next Focus will be available as a hatch and sedan at launch. And a coupe is coming later.
The Cruze will face stiff competition if they only have a sedan to battle the whole compact world…

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  1. It doesn't look like the real thing. But either way… this, or whatever GM has in store, I feel the Cruze coupe will be a very attractive car none-the-less, the market needs a simpler minimalistic alternative to the overly and sometimes unnecessarily "expressive" design offerings from Hyundai, Ford.

  2. Looks like an aborted Cadillac coupe. There is no way this would compete against the Civic coupe, which has been out since 2005.

  3. Might look quite striking in person.

    @casey/ a r t a n d c o l o u r, if these twerps don't get their Anonymous way, they won't bother to post. Since they don't have to leave a name and therefore have any accountability, they can swing freely with all kinds of BS.

  4. So basically this is the cheap entry-level version of the Caddy coupe. Shameless platform sharing strikes again!!

  5. anonymous #99, second from bottom: the Cruze platform and the CTS coupe platform couldn't be any more different if they tried. do you even KNOW what a platform is? one is front wheel drive, one is rear wheel drive based. One was designed for inline 4s and one for V6 and V8s. Why are you bothering to waste your time, and more importantly, OUR time, posting on car sites, since you obviously don't know s*** about cars. Between the racist and homophobic teabaggers these days and the anonymous idiots on carblogs that think they actually know something about cars, i'm goddamn sick of stupid people.

  6. I wish "Anonymous" posters would leave some sort of name. The one that says the Cruze is outclasses and outdated has to just be a GM hater. The Cruze is a very decent looking car for 2010, the engines/economy will be world class and they're apparently updating the rear suspension already going to a more sophisticate setup. GM and Domestic car haters really piss me off. I love CARS, and I can see the good and the bad in domestics and imported cars equally. No one makes all crappy cars, and no one makes all awesome cars. Grow up.

    As far as this image goes, I'd say it's just a sad looking chop, I doubt the Cruze coupe will LOOK like a hatchback, even if they give it one, which I doubt. I'd say it's going to be a good looking coupe with a trunk.

    I did this chop of a pillarless Cruze coupe last year, but I know it won't be pillarless. I just like my fake cars to be the way I would like them to be, I don't try to predict actual production cars:


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