2012 Ford Ranger?

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Could there be, finally, a new Ranger pick-up around the corner.

This illustration shows us what it could look like. Nothing special.
But the next Ranger might be targeted more for other markets than the US.
Just like the new VW Amarok.
We’ll see…

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  1. Looks like they took the explorer design and applied it to a shortened F-150 chassis/platform. Which isn't exactly the worst thing in the world to do. At the same time the 2 Explorer Sport Trac fans will be satisfied as well.

  2. I don't understand why the market here doesn't demand a smaller truck like this! I have no need for a full sized truck, but something more compact like this as a 2nd or 3rd car would be perfect for every day chores!

  3. I have a 2000 Ranger. It's perfect for what I need. Would I like a larger truck? Yes, if the need arises. But I'll always keep my Ranger, that thing is handy.

    That said, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD bring the diesel versions over PLEASE. The 3.0L flexfuel six is a pile and I can't even get ethanol in CA (never mind that its a load of bs anyway). Give us diesels in more than just the f-ing Super Duty!

  4. The non-U.S. model has been available for some time now with 4 doors and a diesel. I'd like to see it in the U.S. I wrote to Ford and told them. Others should do the same if they agree. Ford did say they take the emails into account.

  5. I think it looks great, althought the F100 chops from awhile back looked better. Also, The grill is too much like the OLD Fusion. The corporate grill has changed some with the new Fusion, Edge, and F150.

  6. In the past they have said the wouldn't bring the world version of the ranger to the US due to the "chicken tax" so unless they can find a cheap enough way to build it in the US the ranger may be still dead.

  7. I don't know guys….it just looks like a bad photoshop to me. The grille, the wheels, no dash…it all looks way too fake.

  8. It's clearly a Photoshop of this picture of the Amarok.

    Just look at the gap in the cement on the left-hand side.

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