2.7 Liter Toyota FJ Cruiser?

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For the 2011 model year, Toyota will start offering the 2.7 Liter engine from the Highlander.

But there were earlier rumors about the FJ being phased out of the US line up altogether…
So who knows.
It would be a smart move. And could only improve the terrible mileage figures the FJ currently get with its big 4.0 Liter V6.
The 2.7 Liter produces 187hp in the Highlander.

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  1. The FJ Cruiser needs to stay alive in this market. It's the only Toyota-branded car remotely interesting right now.

  2. The 2.7 liter does not provide a significant gas mileage improvement over the V6. So what's the point?

  3. The suicide doors might be able to stay but what they REAAALLY NEED to do is make the REAR hatch TOP-hinged OR maybe (JUST maybe), TOP- AND bottom-hinged WITH SPLIT in middle meaning glass flips up, and the metal gate part flips down (in other words, they REAAALLY NEED to get RID of the SIDE-hinged REAR hatch, NOW!!!!!)

    AND PLEEEASE, GIVE IT MORE REARward visibility withOUT sacrificing RIGIDITY too much!

    AND OF COURSE, KEEP IT AFFORDABLE! maybe a stripped or semi-stripped version!

    Thanks for listening TOYOTA! AND work on your QUALITY CONTROL issues too!

  4. Oh yeah, I think the idea of the suicide doors is so large gears like surfboards, mountain bikes, furnitures whatnots…are easily loaded in/out, know what I mean?

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