All new Fiat Uno

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It’ll be cheap, and mostly for South American markets.

But I can’t help thinking Chrysler/Fiat might be desperate enough to end up selling it in the US.
As a small Jeep, or Dodge.
The largest engine is a 1.4 Liter with 100hp.

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  1. once they take off the rest of the camo it might be OK. what? that isn't camouflage for spy photos? those pillows on the doors are production? those weird angles between the paint and the rubber are staying? WTF?

  2. Im from Brazil and this is the version called Way, its an off-road light, very light. Its a style that sells a lot here.

    And it wont be sell in American Market. Maybe the New Palio, supossed to came at 2011, or Grande Punto, but Uno is too brazilian to be sell in USA.

    We have pictures of the normal Unos, called Vivace and Attractive. Google it or wait 2 weekd for the Lauch.


  3. Is that entire front end one big piece of unpainted molded plastic? The fronts of the plastic fenders are attached to the big plastic front! What's underneath, packing foam? What a piece of junk! Shame on the Italians! They should know better. This looks Chinese. The interior is outdated also. I hope this stays in South America.

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