Another day, another Chinese copy…

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This one mixes the previous Porsche Cayenne with a Bentley grille.

But with its small 1.8 Liter turbo engine, this is no Cayenne.
From Huatai, which I have never heard of before…

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  1. I see Santa Fe, 300, Q7, all kinds of cars. And chintzy, aftermarket-looking rims.

    I cannot wait for the consolidation of their industry to a few worthy players. Brilliance and MG Rover should be two of them. Plus Geely only because they now own Volvo.

  2. A little bit of the old Hyundai Santa Fe is also there…that Chinese SUV is definitely one of the ugliest cars on the road…

  3. From what I've heard, Huatai produces the old Hyundai Santa Fe and Terracan in China (not copycats, they bought the rights), and now they are attempting to develop their own designs. They've also bought diesel engine technology from italian company VM Motori (owned 50-50 by Americans Penske and GM, I believe) and are strongly betting on low-emission diesel engines to power their cars

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