BMW Gran Coupe concept

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Just like the Mercedes CLS, this “Gran Coupe” is NOT a coupe.

I don’t know why they keep naming sleek 4 door cars “coupe”.
Sure, it is a bit sleeker than the 5 or 7 series. But it is not that modern looking.
It could be in the streets right now as a 5 or 7 series and no one would notice.
Not sure what the point of this is…

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  1. Not that modern looking??? I would have sex with this car! It's much more stylish than the new 7 series, or the 5/8 scale 7 series… the 5 Series. BMW lost their mojo about eight years ago and they've been trying to fix it by stuffing a big engine under the hood and an M badge on every surface. This is the first sign that they're really getting their mojo back.

  2. I completely agree. This is a fine looking car but even in concept form it doesn't look that special. The front especially is a let down.

    It's not bad but the A7 is going to blow this out of the water…

  3. Okay I love it but this is really not a four door coupe. You really can’t put this in the same niche as the CLS, or A7. The Profile looks like a regular trunk profile. This is really what the 7-series should have looked like. However, I do like it, but I like the original Concept CS even better.

  4. Strongly disagree with you, Vince.

    This is a fantastic looking vehicle compared to the standard 5 and 7 Series.

  5. Agreed. It looks nicer than the new 5 or 7, but not that different to be a concept. And they are saying they have no intention of making it. Now we have to wonder if that is just a ruse and this is the new 8 series we've heard rumors of, or is this just for fun?

  6. Ok fine it looks better than the 7 for sure, and ok the 5 series too. But what's the point of this? Is to be able to charge people more for the same thing as a 5!

  7. I believe this is the new 6 Series. It has been reported that BMW will be offering three body styles, a coupe, convertible and a four door.

  8. Sorry, call it a coupe or whatever you want, this is a beautiful car and I would LOVE to buy one! I hope the next 3 series looks as good!

  9. Alright, I wish people would figure out that coupe does NOT mean two door car. A coupe is defined by having a close-coupled interior and not so upright roofline. often wouldn't even have a B-pillar (this car appears not to have one). Generally more driver oriented, personal if you will, than passenger oriented the way your bread and butter car lines are.

  10. I agree 100% with AutoEnthusiast. This should have just been the 7-series. It looks good and a bit sporty, as any BMW should for that matter, but it's still just a pretty regular sedan next to the fantastic Concept CS. Now THAT was a spectacular car, and it was a crying shame that BMW canned it.

  11. As Soul said, "Coupe" refers to more than simply number of doors. It actually is originally a reference to body structure and has more recently been applied to vehicles with space calculations by the Feds. However, looking closely at the pics, this car does seem to have a B pillar which means that it looks like simply a nomenclature tactic. If you look, the B pillar is there and simply recessed to be flush with the windows and painted black.

    Regardless, this is a stunning concept and arguably the best design from BMW in years. It should be a mainstream model like the 5 or 7 but as long as it makes it into production, what do I care what they call it?

  12. "Alright, I wish people would figure out that coupe does NOT mean two door car. A coupe is defined by having a close-coupled interior and not so upright roofline."

    Disagree. Coupe literally means "cut" and is a sportier 2-door style of a 4-door car. It's all marketing so that automakers can claim a car is a sportier version of the same car.

  13. dude vince you say thing about almost all of the new cars, saying that they are not modern. i dont know what your problem is, you complain too much for an ordinary man, who wont even afford half these cars.

  14. Four. Door. 6 Series.

    Aren't the only four door cou-pays for sale in the USA the CLS and the Volkswagen CC?

    Take that, Audi A5.

  15. The body of an Olds Aurora, with 5-series front and back ends. I like it exactly as much as I like the Aurora. Exactly.

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