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Th new i6 sedan will be BYD’s 6th new model on presented in the last 6 months.

I remember, just a few years ago, when the Chinese auto show was full of crazy looking concept cars. And almost no new, modern looking, production models.
Quite a change…
This doesn’t look great, but at least it doesn’t seem to be a 100% copy of something else.

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  1. I see a LOT of the USDM Honda Accord in that, and a little bit of the current generation (not upcoming) Kia Optima

  2. mhmmm….That BYD i6 seems very similar to KIA Forte's front end n too copycat…BYD better not sell in North America, No Way!

  3. This looks like a generic "car" used in insurance ads. Typically they use an old Taurus or Camry, but this is much even more generic than those. Crash it into the great wall at 35mph, and it'll fold like an acordion. No damn way!

  4. I googled this vehicle.
    Its a copy of the previous model Honda Accord with a different front end. Another joke.

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