Citroen Metropolis Concept

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More picture of the all new Citroen Concept.

Impressive? Yes
Stunning? Yes
Big? Yes!
A Citroen? I’m not sure…
It seems that whatever makes a Citroen a Citroen is missing.
Not sure what it is. Maybe the fastback from the DS, CX and even the current C6.
It could almost be something else. Like a big Peugeot…

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  1. Car designs are becoming caricatures. Sure this is all swoopy and has the big wheels but it looks like a cartoon. The proportions are really goofy, as are the front and back ends. Automotive designers, wake up from this decade-long spell of over-the-top, over-wrought and over-designed ideas!

  2. The struggle for new ideas is really showing these days. Is this Citroen a Citroen? Maybe, like Jaguar, even Citroen needs to redefine itself in the competitive new world.

  3. If you weren't aware of Citroen you would think the Chinese designed this nose. I do like the sleek look though.

  4. this is how you do it right. It's what today's Aston Martin Lagonda would look like. Not the Maybach or anything else. This is gorgeous.

  5. This is car is Citroen's Variant of the Peugeot RC Hybrid4 Concept from last year. Here's a link…

    But I can't say this is a complete original, Citroen copied the back of this car almost exactly from the Lamborghini Estoque which you can find here:

    Other than that the rest is Citroen/Peugeot.

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