Concepts from China

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Here are some of the concepts that were unveiled last week in the “Land of Deja Vu”…

They all look familiar don’t they.
Even though we’ve never seen them.
But we’ve all seen the cars that inspired them before.

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  1. The gray SUV, top: Too narrow. Does lok like a commie-mobile take on a Bronco, FJ Cruiser, or Jeep/LR of today.

    The black sedan: Acura and Subaru should beat the company's CEO down in a back alley.

    I like the white compact.

    Maybe if the two sports cars were Kammbacks/shooting brakes

  2. Wow, copying without even trying to differ a little bit. that gold car is the Audi TT. It amazes me how Kia has the Audi designer and neither the Koup or Kee look anything thing like Audi. Infact Mitsubishi look more like Audi than Kia.

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