A designer’s take on the future Saab 9-2

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Designer Ed Grey has been releasing a bunch of 3d illustrations lately about his own ideas of what some upcoming cars could look like.

My favorite is his take on the new Saab 9-2.
People who have seen the real thing claim the car is a retro futuristic version of the old Saab92.
Which, I think, is great. I cannot wait to see what Saab comes out with to battle the Mini Cooper and the 2012 Beetle.
Meanwhile, we can enjoy this version…

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  1. Beautiful! GM could've done this had they not had thier head up their ass! Hope it makes it to production just like that!

  2. Thumbs up, I like this design, it's attractive and original. Where can we see more of this guy Grey's designs, please?

  3. It looks good, if the idea is to turn SAAB into a sporty type brand like Porsche ( which it might be ).

    But if the idea is to make passenger cars for the mass market one of these would be as relevant as an Audi TT.

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