Fiat 500 5 door

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Fiat is seriously considering a larger 5 door version of the 500.

It would make the car even more popular in the US. And a great idea.
This is something the New Beetle or Mini never offered. The new Mini 5 door is more of an SUV.

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  1. Not for me, but then neither are the Honda Fit or Prius. At the rate the economy is NOT recovering– we may ALL be driving these in another 5 years!

  2. There's already a five door 500 in Europe, called the Panda (same platform).

    This thing asks the question "would you still want a 500 if it wasn't so good looking?" The answer is "No."

  3. That drawing looks terrible, IMHO. But I'm sure they could still work out something decent-looking. Google the SEAT 800 of the 60s, that could be a good inspiration

  4. Fiat 500 3 Door & 5 Door are really good cars simillar to 500 fiat must launch 1100 (saloon) also it is also a great car.
    But these cars are costlier so everybody cant purchase so pls give models to india, now a days it have poor sale in india & am fan of fiat so i am thinking it must be compitator of largest selling maruti.

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