Fiat 500 in the US.

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This Fiat 500 was spotted around Cape Cod by a reader from New York.

It looks like a European version of the small 500. With US manufacturer plates on top of the larger space where the European ones usually go.
So it is not 100% what we’ll get here. (The US 500 is supposed to used a revised platform)
But still, “manufacturer plates”. So Fiat has brought this over here for some kind of testing.
Interesting sighting.

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  1. I parked next to one of these 2 weeks ago at henrys market in so cal, it had mexican plates, i couldnt believe how small it was, ( my subcompact dwarfed it) my fist was bigger than the parcel shelf, the interior looked awesome and roomy up front and not much to see in the rear.
    Will it be a flop here in states ? who knows, but if they overprice they have no hope cause this thing is awefully small in person…

  2. Vince, I have seen one driving around in metro Detroit about 2 – 3 weeks ago. White one with an M-plate with instrumentation and testing equipment mounted on the dash. Not the same one I think.

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