Ford Start Concept

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I think this makes the current Ka look like something out of the dark ages.

I just hope some design elements make it into a production car, some day.
But the point of the Start is to showcase Ford’s new 3 cylinder engine with Ecoboost technology.
Just like the 2.0 Lier 4 cylinder Ecoboost is supposed to get the power of a V6, this little 1.0 Liter could match a regular 4 cylinder. Around 120 hp.
Thanks to direct injection, turbo, and this time, a 6 speed manual.
It might become the base engine in the US Fiesta within a couple of years.

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  1. "I think this makes the current Ka look like something out of the dark ages."
    Are you talking about the Brazilian or the European Ka? If it's the former, I agree, but it already looked like that before this; but if it's the latter, you're definitely exaggerating. I just saw one yesterday (they are rarer than the should be, I'll give you that) and I think it's still the second-best looking car of its segment, behind the new Chevy Spark.

  2. Agree with badassness, this is really a hot car. This officially make Alan Mulally the best auto exec on the planet.

  3. this concept is way cool…Ford has got the mojo and needs to build this thing…how 'bout it Mr. Mulally?

  4. I love the details of this car. The roofline in the rear reminds me of a late 50's Olds or Buick. The Flash Gordon fin on the roof and the see through rear pillars are really cool. The only thing I don't like is the name, sounds too close to Smart, and this is way hotter than one of those.

  5. Way to out-Audi Audi! Way to out-VW the Beetle. It's everything that Scion wishes it could be, if they didn't build junky bread boxes!

    This is the A3 that could've been. Let's build it!

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