Greatwall C50

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Some Chinese cars actually look decent.

I think this new compact sedan from Greatwall is one of them.
Sure, it is very derivative. But it looks at least as good as many other cars in the segment, and better than some…
They do need to find another name if they want to start exporting these.
I’m not sure many Westerners would go for a “Great Wall”…
It just doesn’t sound like a car name.

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  1. Greatwall is selling a few utes and suvs here in Australia, and suprisingly enough, they are selling well. Their suv also managed to get a 4 star ANCAP (Australian NCAP Safety Rating) against all odds.

  2. No CIVIC!!!!

    Its actually kind of sort of orginial looking.

    Vince they will probably call themselves GW when they come here. Like put a GW badge on the car, but everybody knows the official name is Great Wall. Like Volkswagen did.

  3. How much more money are we going to send to China. There are lots of reasons not to buy Chinese products. I, for one, am staying far away from them at any price.

  4. When i first saw the pic i thought of current kia optima, and the tail lamps i thought of chevy cruze and said hey thats what the chevy should have on it, the cruze rear end is just so plain, and odd and oversize lamp units, the rear of this car looks polished and finessed ! The chinese like it or not are getting better at there game and learning fast and making rapid quick changes in the way they design and build cars ! meanwhile us ford fans sit with a 25 year old crown vic,town car,ranger,e series hmmm.

  5. They sell them here in Australia. They're rubbish cars and their TV ads are extremely cringe-worthy. Their SUV may have got 4 stars in ANCAP testing but so did the Toyota Camry Hybrid which is clearly the safer car. All it does is highlight the discrepancies in ANCAP's testing criteria. People will believe they're buying a safe car when they're not really.

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