New Hyundai Accent

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This is technically the Asian version called the Verna.

Which is pretty much what we’ll get over here as the new Accent sedan.
A nice looking little inexpensive car. Competing mostly here with the Yaris sedan.
Seems like another winner for Hyundai.

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  1. This is light years ahead of the old one and competitors , well be seeing these alot soon, finally an econo car that isnt a penalty box on wheels advertising that ur cheap or frugal ! gosh i cant wait to see the new Rio !!

  2. Oh, no! Not another painted "C" pillar designed to look like a quarter window! Looks cheap and tawdry.

    Seems that Chrysler Sebring and Mazda 6 styling nonsense is alive and well at Hyundai. Too bad.

  3. Well if the Accent looks like this, I expect the next Rio to look even better. Like how the Optima looks better than the Sonata and the Sorento looks better than the Sante Fe and the Sportage out does the Tucsan. I think I got the idea, Hyundai has better interiors and Kia has better exteriors.

  4. We need this in the USA.


    Release it before the next Elantra, Hyundai, and you will have a hit on your hands. It looks newer than the Elantra and people will think it's more expensive!!!!

  5. This looks completely third-world. The wheels are dinky. The lighting on the front and rear look like they've been pulled off of a Solara. Not good.

  6. Anonymous April24,11:34AM said…
    Hyundai seems to be taking the 'one design fits all' approach similar to BMW. Sucks.

    I agree they condensed ALL their themes onto this small car
    – tooo much! –
    makes it look like the car ran into a giant potato peeler
    though I wouldn't Quite say it sucks…

    …BMW otoh sure seems to be trying to suck imho 🙁

  7. "Oh, no! Not another painted "C" pillar designed to look like a quarter window! Looks cheap and tawdry."

    WHY are BMW & Merc & Lexus & Dodge Caravan blackened B pillars O:K but Sebring & Jag & Mazda black C pillars bad? MOST sedans have black B pillars SO WHAT??? Are you trashing ALL cars that are not TRUE PILLARLESS HARDTOPS??? It makes no sense!

    "This looks completely third-world. The wheels are dinky." ACTUALLY it makes it look Civic, Corolla, Camry, Fit, Prius or Scion. They ALL have dinky wheels. Thats one of the things that make them CHEAP! $35 tires instead of $135 tires!

  8. "This thing just looks freakish…It will appeal to the immature and broke, yhough." -Anonymous

    LOL! The hit and run hater. Didn't even take the time to correct the spelling. It makes me wonder if they looked at the car at all.
    Plus, how can a broke person afford a new car?

    The new Accent looks very good and should be a hit for Hyundai.

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