New Infiniti DX based on next Mercdes B Class???

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That is a new rumor from France.

Nissan would use the redesigned B Class for a small Infiniti Crossover called the DX.
It does sound crazy at first. The current B Class uses a bunch of small 4 cylinder engines and some diesels.
But it also makes sense.
Infinitis usually get terrible mileage from their big 3.7 Liter engine.
And new regulations will be very tough on them.
They do need to use more efficient engines, soon. The 1st step is the upcoming 2.5 Liter version of the G sedan.
I guess the DX is next.
I just hope the B class doesn’t end up looking like this horrible illustration above.
And also, that Infiniti does come up with their own design for the car…

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  1. Of course Infiniti will have it's own design for the DX. The Mercedes boxy design language is the total opposite of of Infiniti's.

    I was just thinking today as to how they would make a CUV smaller than the EX using the Juke/Versa as the basis…..guess Infiniti is too good for something like that :/

  2. i have to admit, the gas mileage is the worst part of my V8 Q45t. I've never gotten more than 14mpg from it's 4.1 liters. HOWEVER, it's the best goddamn car I've ever owned, literally no repairs in 70,000 miles. It's built like a Rolex, so I've never minded it's thirst.

    I think this Mercedes/infiniti COULD work, depending on how much input Infiniti engineers have. I've owned Mercedes in the past, and they're crap compared to the Infiniti. I don't like the DX name though-it sounds like the low-end trim level on a Honda.

  3. THATS why "DX" irked me so much.

    DX is the base trim for most Hondas. These days they don't badge them and most are LXs, but DXs still like on. Toyota changed it to LE.

    I would rather them call it the ZX…but I guess that would make Acura angry (because they'd go from selling 2 a month to 1)….however, Nissan had it first, so it IS a family name that's been used before.

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