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Remember the Geely GE from last year?

That was the really bad and cheap looking Rolls Royce copy we were all laughing at.
(The car pictured in the lower photos)
After Rolls Royce threatened to sue, Geely actually backed down and redesigned the car for the upcoming Auto Show.
A pretty amazing move. I mean, the car is all new before it even made it to production.
A first for a Chinese car maker. They usually don’t care about getting sued.
But Geely just bought Volvo. And I guess, as a new international player, they want to show an effort. By not pissing off European manufacturers.
We’ll see if it is the start of a new attitude from Chinese car makers.
As for the car itself, it went from a horrific copy, to just being plain weird…

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  1. Okay Vince, I want your opinion here.

    I actually think it is a decent looking vehicle aside from the grill that looks like a beer keg.

    What do you think, aside from weird?

  2. Okay, I know this is completely inappropriate, but the front headlamps look like an Chinese girl laughing.

  3. OMIGOD…as I scrolled down and saw the top pic I actually screamed out loud and scared my cubicle neighbor.
    The Ruskies wanted to kill us with missles.
    The Chinese are doing better with these bombs.

  4. large cars should, theoretically, be the easiest to design. they have great, classic proportions with long hoods and good front wheel to dash ratio. They're long flowing lines should easily just, flow! But this car seems tortured on every level. I'm not sure how they could get it so wrong without trying…

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