New VW Polo Sedan

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No surprises here.

They just added a trunk to the new Polo.
And it does look very similar to spy pictures of the next Jetta we’ve been seeing for a while.
So they might be related after all.
I always thought the Jetta could shrink a bit from the current model. To better compete with cars like the Civic and Mazda3.
A “4 door Polo” named Jetta could work…

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  1. polo vs. fit, yaris, mini, fiesta, aveo, accent…

    jetta vs higher end –civic, corolla, mazda3, focus, cruze, forte…(jetta has higher starting price so that's why mentioning comparisons to higher end builds of models.)

    I've always thought the jetta should be compared to the vehicles I listed but the current jetta is classed as a midsize sedan and making comparisons is more difficult as a buyer. I personally like the size of the jetta but wish the back seats had more leg room. (jetta 179inches length..i think) The trunk of the jetta is huge.(you can put 3 dead bodies in there..cough) If there was just a way to use some of the trunk space more efficiently say like sliding rear seats that can take 2-3inches of the trunk space when needed. That would be convenient and smart.

    Note to VW, drop that anvil 5 cylinder engine for more efficiency/power. I know I know its a very cheap engine to build but Hyundai and Kia are about to smack the shiz out of you guys where their engines at the base level. Putting a variant of the fsi engine is what I would like..

    end rant.

  2. A Polo sedan would be nice in the US, but it could never supplant the Jetta.. in fact, with the Passat's US replacement scheduled to grow much larger, the next Jetta has no choice but to stay at least its current size.

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