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The Touran is pretty much the VW equivalent to the Mazda5.

A popular category in Europe where small yet roomy makes a lot of sense.
It came out in 2003 and received some revisions in 2007.
Yet, this “new” model isn’t all new.
The doors and windshield are from the previous one, still.
Even the interior has not been completely redesigned.
So this is actually mostly a 7 year old design with a bit of 2011 coating.
At the same time, I do think it looks quite nice actually. And they did an OK job with what they had to work with.
The picture at the bottom is the current model.
As before, the Touran will not be sold in the US…

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  1. hey vw, can you please make yet another boring car, straight from the 1980's design book? Oh wait, here it is.

  2. Typical VW. Most of their cars are pretty old underneath the skin, they just make a few visual tweaks here and there for new model years.

  3. I like the new one a lot. The whole chrysler partnership is embarrassing for VW

    Embarrassing for WHO?

    THINK how Chrysler feels????

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