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It is 2010, after all….

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  1. What I like most of all is how SAFE this concept is – seatbelts are not even necessary ! If they start working on bringing it to market now, I bet they could still beat the Cruze.

  2. True Vince, You would think by now this would be possible and it is. Had we not wasted Trillions on Space and War, we would be flying is these now.

  3. Thankfully, I'm glad this hasn't happened yet. There are people out there right now who can't EVEN drive well on land. Imagine sleeping at night only to be rudely awakened by someone crashing into your house with one of these?!!
    It's a nice idea but we've still got a long way to go.

  4. I agree with the anonymous post…People still can't even drive and you want them to be able to fly?! How about texting and flying at the same time? That'll lead to some great newspaper headlines.

  5. I love all things 'mid century modern' including architecture, furniture, cars, clothing, appliances etc. It was such a glorious and optimistic future-thinking period for everything manufactured. I could happily with just mid-century modern everything around me.

  6. The technoligy is here now (and has been for ten years already) but out legal system will keep it from ever getting off the ground. (Product Liability, Personal Injury, Air space rights, …) At least untill China starts building them!

  7. As a young child in the 1960's I believed everything they said would happen in the future ( usually the year 2000 ).
    I am eternally disappointed that the only thing thats come true is the little telephone where you can see the person on the other end ( which I dont use because it costs extra ).

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