Toyota admits there is a problem with the Lexus GX460

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So the Sherlock Holmes at “multi billion dollar corporation” Toyota admit they were able to reproduce what a small independent US magazine did with their car a few days ago.

“They duplicated Consumer Reports’ results on the GX 460 and they are currently evaluating potential remedies”
But what happened before that? What kind of tests are they doing with their cars before they go on sale?
I realize nothing is perfect and car manufacturers, like anyone else, have defective products once in a while.
But this seems to be the result of a lack of testing before the product goes on sale.
CR was able to find this with just a few tests.
How come Toyota wasn’t aware of this???
At least, they took it off the market and are putting current owners in loaner cars.
I wonder how much this is costing….
(You can click on the title for the whole New York Times article)

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  1. how does driving a big tall suv to it's limit to have it slide and roll over counts as a potential safety problem?

    next thing you know they will start recalling cars because their cars can't float when it's driven into the river and can't fly when driven off a cliff.

  2. 2010 Prius electronic system: designed during 2008 recession.

    2010/11 Lexus GX460: designed during 2008 recession.

    2010 4Runner: designed during 2008 recession.


    Wake up, guys. They had a bad few months. We're seeing the results now. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens. They'll be back.

    I spent a week driving a rented 2010 Prius last fall, and got 63 average mpg. No new car can touch that kind of mileage in America right now.

  3. Compared to Ford problems and number of deaths due to their defective products a few short years ago, Toyotas current problems are a drop in the bucket.

  4. imho there are multiple flaws in these defecticles™ – – a bit like the combination on a lock – – unless all the factors come together: nothing happens …but it's Waiting To!!
    that ^ is opinion

    but floormats don't cause uncontrollable acceleration;
    sticky gaspedals don't cause your speed to INcrease;
    even driver error Won't cause uncontrollable acceleration that lasts long enough to make cellphone calls for help.

    (the above also don't cause sludge or crumbling tailgates or blackboxes that can't tell when circuits have been shorted)

    what CAN cause these and many more undiscovered problems is flawed testing and enginERRing;
    where individual parts (mechanical, electrical, & software) may be thought through and tested, as they're developed in a vacuum,
    but little-to-No thought is given to the overall System operating in the real world.

    another opinion: TM's problems won't be solved by TM.
    Maybe an outside team of engineers (& programmers) could find the flaws, tho I doubt it – not 100% – just too many places for stupid errors to hide.
    Imho it'll take outsourcing their entire nextgen for a turnkey solution uncontaminated by TM's decades of doing things wrong.

  5. "Edmunds doesn't think this test was all that realistic:"

    the test IS realistic, you drive a big tall SUV meant to be driven SLOW to pick up kids and grocery into a 90 degree corner at high speed, it WILL flip over, that's normal and expected. it's CR's own interpretation of the result that's unrealistic.

  6. I guess in order to make things look straight and up, TOYOTA must of tipped off (like in money also) the BIAS magazine in order to make it look like there right on top of things again. I willing to bet that if you re – tested last years model again you would find the same results.

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