2011 BMW X3???

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This illustration does look pretty weird.

But at the same time, it does match the latest spy shots. So it might end up looking just like that.
With this weird front end and the droopy headlights…
The current X3 is, to me, one of the ugliest thing on the road. So anything is better.
This looks like it does continues the tradition of just putting out an ugly car which could sell because of the badge.
Considering the equally revolting GLK competition, it might just work …

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  1. Actually, I think that this illustration looks really good. I don't like the current X3 and the GLK, but I think this one looks really good. And the X1 is much smaller and carlike in height etc.

  2. I think the X1 and the X3 are stupid and pointless.

    Give me a 2010 CR-V EX-L with navigation or the new Tucson fitted the same way and I'll have everything that the BMWs do and likely save $15,000.

    People that are THIS brand concious are stupid.

  3. I find it amusing when people who have never owned a BMW or driven one for any length of time like to say they'll take "brand x and $10,000" and have everything a BMW has to offer. I enjoyed driving Hondas for 15 years and finally made my goal of owning a BMW. BMW's are head and shoulders above anything else I have ever driven. There is a reason they cost more (superior engineering and build quality)and if you enjoy cars and driving, they're worth every penny.

  4. Spend a bit more for the X5. I bought the 35D Diesel and has V8 power and 25mpg town. They are discounting these over $4k and take another $2k off if you know how to buy.

  5. German simplicity. The ones that never drove behind the two big, black dials will never really understand what "Freude am Fahren" really means.

  6. Vince, I disagree with your opinion of the GLK. I think is is one of the very few good-looking Designs MB has EVER come up with. Inside especially. Much better than the rolly-polly interior of the mid & full-size MB 4×4 wagons! I've always preferred BMW to MB just on styling alone.

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